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ArthaPurna Solutions offers a wide range of solutions to serve specific needs of the clients. Being a personal and trust based nature of the needs, we cannot go by "one size fits all" approach. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.

Services: Services

Financial Health Checkup

Check your existing financial health! Know if it IS perfect or CAN BE perfect?

We guide you on your current financial health and let you know which boxes of personal finance are checked and which are yet to be fulfilled. After this step, you can be rest assured about your next steps in personal finance achievements.

Modular Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning broken in modules.

Segregated as per your specific needs. Can choose among the different modules in the Comprehensive Financial Planning package viz.: 
•    Emergency Planning
•   Risk Planning (Life - Health - Critical Illness - Accident -         Property)
•    Goals and Investment Planning
•    Retirement Planning
•    Succession Planning / Estate Planning

Stocks and Hedging Advisory

Advisory on Stocks & Hedging techniques using tools like Derivatives not only to generate but also protect wealth!

For people with aggressive risk profile and who have long horizon, Direct Equity and related strategies help to generate attractive returns and to accumulate wealth for achieving the dreams!

Investment Planning and Wealth Management

For those who want us just to focus on managing the investments in different avenues or specified avenues with the objective of returns generation!

We advise on having goals for investments and if you have already worked on that part, then yes, we are there to help you to allocate your investments in assets relevant and suitable to your risk profile so that we get the returns but not at the cost of peace of mind!

Income Tax Planning and IT Return Filing

One thing for sure in this world is paying taxes! But its our fault if we are not optimising it!

With more than a decade long experience in structuring the incomes and using the Income Tax provisions to legally reduce the tax outgo we have many happy clients whose first reaction when we first helped them, was, "why we didn't meet before?"

Comprehensive Financial Planning

360° View on your Today's and Tomorrow's Needs

This includes Emergency Planning, Risk Planning(Life-Health-Critical Illness-Accident-Property), Financial Goals and Investment Planning for Goals Achievement, Retirement Accumulation and Distribution Planning, Succession Planning, Plan Implementation Support, Regular Monitoring and Tracking of All Products and Solutions with a sync to Life Events. A Family Financial Doctor For Queries and Needs

Post Retirement Planning

About to retire or already retired ? Its the time to focus on what you really wanted to do but couldn't! Reap the benefits of efforts you have put in!

We will be with you to help in reaping the benefits of seeds you have sown till now! 
Finance is just one part, which we obviously take care of, but along with that, we will see how you can fully enjoy the benefits of hard work till now by guiding on various aspects apart from finance!
After all retirement is freedom to do what you want!

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Unless you follow discipline in cash flow management i.e Inflows vs Outflows, you are under-utilizing the power of money and compounding!

Budgeting and Cash Flow management is the base of Personal Finance management. Without following discipline in this aspect, one is always at the mercy of random surprises or rather, shocks! Through this exercise, many have realised their real potential of achieving goals!

Data & Documents Management

 All of your financial data related to different accounts, investments, insurance, liabilities etc needs to be organised

Just focusing on work and generation of more income and more wealth is good but not at the cost of organising your data, documents and records! We guide people on ways of oraganising the data and documents in secure and easily accessible way to the people you want to provide access to! This covers basics like file management, record of documents till managing your digital assets and credentials!

Succession Planning/ Estate Planning

There are lakhs of crores of funds in Rupees lying unclaimed at various government agencies like banks, post, companies, LIC etc. 

Reason : Lack of succession planning!

People tend to focus just on generation of wealth and property but what's the use if your loved ones cannot use it with you or after you! We advise and help on Will writing, Guardian Letter, POA, Trust creation, Property Transfer, Society share holding transfer , Succession certificates and all related legalities and government formalities!

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