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ArthaPurna Top Stocks : Financial Planning Vs Rate of Return or Financial Planning & Rate of Returns

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

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One of the most important factors of financial planning is wealth management and wealth management is incomplete without returns generation!

Return on investment is the function of Duration of Investment and Rate of Return. Many say that we should focus on duration than the rate of return as its not in our hand!

But we at ArthaPurna Solutions believe that rate of return is something which cannot be ignored and generating above average returns is one of the basic jobs of financial advisor along with behaviour management, asset allocation etc!

In line with above philosophy, we all know that Direct Equity or Stocks or Shares have been one of the most important source of wealth generation for centuries!

ArthaPurna Solutions research team has been in active stocks research for more than a decade now and has got a good hang of fundamental analysis for Quality as well as technical analysis for Margin of Safety.


Stocks List:

We are maintaining and regularly updating the watch list of stocks for past many years.

As a reach out initiative and also to get important reviews on positives and negatives on the list, we are sharing the list as follows.

Do feel free to comment and also to let us know more such ideas!

Imp points to consider/Disclaimer:

  • This is the list created after many filters in fundamental analysis and technical analysis

  • This is a watch list, not a recommendation list

  • The list is maintained priority wise and is updated very frequently

  • There are few important factors as follows which are NOT part of this list, so don't consider it as a recommendation and consult your advisor or do your own due diligence before using the list for investments:

    • Overall market conditions, Proportion of holding, number of stocks in actual portfolio, price when entry was made, exit timing, hedging using derivatives etc

To keep this post and list of stocks updated as and when the original stocks list is updated, following is the reference box embedded to this blog post.

Kindly scroll up and down in the box to see the complete list.

You can comment on the list of stocks as well as do post new such Fundamentally Strong stocks which have good margin of safety (i.e Technically or timing wise, not overvalued), we will check and revert but due to time constraint, we can not guarantee that we will revert on all the stocks ideas posted.

Do feel free to share the link to your contacts, other experts, students to get more views and ideas for creating a bank of never ending opportunities!

And yes, do feel free to contact us if we can be any help for you! Can check other sections of website to get more details about us.

Contact number : +91 9762533162

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May 31, 2021

Very strong list of stocks!

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